WENDY WEBB - Wendy Webb’s music is moody, full of wee hours wisdom, it is yearning and soul stirring, soaring toward heights flown by the likes of Joni Mitchell and Emmy Lou Harris. 




Wendy's new CD "Step Out Of Line" will be released in early 2017

The new release by Wendy Webb. "Havana Moon"

"A stunning undiscovered secret". Audiophile acoustic solo piano and voice recording. Fans of early Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones, Laura Nyro, and Carole King, will love this record.

Wendy is simply SUPERLATIVE !!! She is my favorite singer, pianist, composer.



"Morning In New York" is currently available

"Wendy Webb's evocative voice and resonant lyrics, sung over deceptively complex compositions, are nothing less than haunting".
Tim Cahill is Founding Editor, Outside Magazine, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone

"The angelic range and hard-grit soul of Wendy Webb's voice rivals that of Emmy Lou Harris. Who would have thought that in our lifetime there would be another with a talent so pure."
Lorian Hemingway, author of “Walk On Water”

"I was spellbound when I heard Wendy Webb put life's emotions into song. Like Loreena McKennitt, her voice is a beautifully played instrument of original music that comes from the heart. Listeners will swear she wrote them just for them."
Robert N. Macomber, award-winning Florida novelist

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